Research Assistant Professor, Center for Energy & Environmental Policy, University of Delaware

Dr. Lado Kurdgelashvili is a Research Assistant Professor at CEEP. He is a graduate of CEEP’s Ph.D program in Energy and Environmental Policy (ENEP). His research interests include energy economics, power sector regulation and restructuring, sustainable energy modeling, and climate change mitigation policies. His recent major contribution to the field is the development of an analytical model assessing the comparative effects of carbon pricing, renewable energy premium pricing, and expanded R&D funding on the entry and penetration rates of new technologies like photovoltaics. Results of this work were published by Wily in the 2nd edition of Handbook of Photovotaic Science and Engineering. He is the developer of the latest version of PV Planner software, which evaluates the technical, economic, and environmental performance of integrated PV applications. Dr. Kurdgelashvili believes the future wellbeing of human society lays in rapid adoption of clean energy technologies and sustainable practices.