Dr. Jung-Ku Kim

Professor, Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention, Semyung University, Korea

Dr. Jung-Ku Kim has a Ph. D in Energy and Environmental Policy from CEEP. He is currently a professor at Semyung University in Korea. His dissertation was titled “The Role of EX-Post Cost-Benefit Analysis in the Evaluation of National Energy Policies: The Case of Korea.” He worked as a researcher and a research fellow for 24 years and was former director of the Department of Energy Conservation, Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI). He has published 34 reports in relation to energy policy. His report titled “Energy Service Company (ESCO)” greatly contributed to establishing governmental energy policy in 1990 and continues successful operation in Korea today. Dr. Kim was former director of the Korea Policy Development Institute (KPDI) and research advisor to the Prime Minister of South Korea. Dr. Kim’s interests focus on energy economics, energy and environmental policy analysis, cost-benefit methods, and disaster management.