Eric Partyka

Commercial Manager for BIPV Development, Carlisle Construction Materials

Eric Partyka has a Master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Policy from CEEP and is the Commercial Manager for BIPV Development at Carlisle Construction Materials. His work is focused on the creation of a commercial roof membrane with a flexible, fully integrated high efficiency PV cell in conjunction with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) SunShot award. He is also identifying energy efficiency utility programs that value reflective roofing, high R value roof and wall insulation. Eric is co-author of a DOE and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) document titled, “Procuring Solar Energy: A Guide for Federal Decision Makers”. While at CEEP he was part of the research team that developed the Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) for the state of Delaware. Eric believes that sustainable energy policies and practices such as conservation and energy usage improvements on the built environment can enable the democratization of energy and its uses.