Inwhan Jung

Professor, Hyupsung University, Gyeonggi, South Korea

Dr. Inwhan JUNG has an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Policy from CEEP, University of Delaware. He is a full professor at Hyupsung University, Gyeonggi, South Korea, teaching ‘Urban Environment,’ ‘Resource Management,’ ‘Environmental Policy,’ and other urban energy environment related topics. He currently serves as a co-chair of the Korea Federation for Environmental Movement, Seoul (Seoul KFEM), one of the major NGOs in Asia, particularly active in the critique of nuclear power and the promotion of renewable energy and conservation. His primary academic interests include the realistic pursuit of sustainable energy systems and also the promotion of a paradigm shift in East Asia. In this spirit, he serves as a co-chair of ‘Local Agenda 21’ for Gunpo City (Gyeonggi Province), the city of his residence, where he encourages practical actions to lower the community’s environmental impact while also helping it to align with the shared principles of Agenda 21 for all of humanity.