Jungmin Yu

Policy Fellow, Institute of Environmental Justice / Chief Researcher, Energy & Climate Policy Institute (ECPI), Korea

Jungmin Yu has a Ph.D in Energy and Environmental Policy from CEEP where he was awarded a UD Dissertation Fellowship (2007) and CHEP Outstanding Student Award (2008). He is currently a Research Professor at the Institute of Sustainable Development at Korea University, a policy fellow at the Institute of Environmental Justice (IEJ) and Energy and Climate Policy Institute (ECPI) in Korea. Jungmin’s research areas are electricity restructuring, energy transformation, sustainable energy policy, and sociology of techniques. Jungmin is heading the Green School Project, which is being prepared for the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, and is chief researcher of the joint study team at IEJ and ECPI, working to develop the project “Nuclear Phase-Out Scenario for South Korea’s Sustainable Energy and Environmental Future.”