Leigh Glover

Director, GAMUT Centre for Sustainable Transport, University of Melbourne, Australia

Leigh Glover is the Director of the GAMUT Centre for Sustainable Transport at the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia, a collaborative research centre dedicated to promoting and supporting sustainable urban transport in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. He holds a PhD from CEEP; his awards and prizes from the University of Delaware include the Peter A. Larson Prize and Energy and Environmental Policy Excellence Award. He is the author of over 50 books, book chapters, journal articles, published reports, and conference papers and is the author of Postmodern Climate Change (published by Routledge). In recent years his research has concentrated on sustainable transport and public policy—looking at issues such as the limits of carbon emissions trading, privatization of public transport, and institutional arrangements to promote sustainability. If there are contesting voices over the future of the planet between hope and fear, he continues to listen for the news of hope.