Manu Verghese Mathai

Research Fellow, the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies Japan

Manu Verghese Mathai has a Ph.D in Energy and Environmental Policy from CEEP. He is currently a Research Fellow with the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies Japan. Manu received the Outstanding Scholar Award from the CEEP, fellowships from the University of Delaware, the Young Research Award in Human Development and Sustainable Development from the Human Development and Capability Association, and the Fondazione Lombardia per l’Ambinente. His abiding motivation is to imagine and help articulate a discourse that guides scientific, technological, and economic innovation and policy toward more just and sustainable outcomes. His recent contribution to this effort – Toward a Sustainable Synergy – will appear in the forthcoming edited volume Human Capabilities, Technology, and Design. Dordrecht: Springer. This work builds on his critical analysis of the economic development discourse and of civilian nuclear power in India.