Sardar Mohazzam

Ph. D Candidate, CEEP

Sardar Mohazzam is a PhD Candidate and Research Associate for Center for Energy and Environmental Policy. Recently he has joined the MIT Climate Colab as Catalyst to provide his services for Energy proposals guidance and evaluation. He works as a Consultant and is a co-founder of Pakistan based company – Prudence Consulting and Technology Management.

Earlier, as Assistant Professor, he has been involved in policy analysis and consulting in government and private sector for 10 years, and supervised multidisciplinary projects. He has published articles on number of issues which includes energy, environment, technology and economics. He is seasoned in the field of financial and economic analysis, policy analysis, program design and evaluation methodologies, and technology management. He was been awarded CMU-AusAID scholarship for Master in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University 2008, and Stanford University’s – Behavior, Energy, Climate Change Pre-court Student Scholarship 2012.

Mohazzam has completed a novel project entitled “Economics of Solar Powered Irrigation Pumps Use in India” while interning with Asian Development Bank. At CEEP , he is involved in number of research projects. He sits in EEPSA Board as Board Member, as well as he served as a Senator with the Graduate Student Government at University of Delaware.