Shih-Jung Hsu

Professor and Chairperson, Department of Land Economics at the National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taiwan

Dr. Shih-Jung Hsu holds a Ph.D from CEEP. He is currently Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Land Economics at the National Chengchi Universtiy (NCCU), Taiwan, and is the Director of the Center for the Third Sector, NCCU. His Ph.D dissertation was awarded the Mavin B. Sussuman Prize and George Herbert Ryden Prize. Dr. Hsu’s research concentrates on local environmental movements, urban and rural planning, land use policy, and sustainable development in Taiwan. He has published books in Chinese and English, and written articles and editorials for publications in Taiwan and China. He helped to organize the Taiwan Rural Front (TRF), a nonprofit organization fighting against injustice land grabbing activities from the government and big corporations. Dr. Hsu believes that the growth-led economic development path in Taiwan is completely unsustainable, and we need to have researches and actions to redirect it to the sustainable development way.