Steven Letendre

Associate Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies
Green Mountain College

Dr. Steven Letendre holds a Masters of Arts in Economics from Binghamton University and completed his Doctorate at the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy (CEEP); as a graduate student he was awarded the Bill N. Baron Fellowship for his contributions to photovoltaic research and development. Dr. Letendre is currently an Associate Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies at Green Mountain College in Vermont, which was rated the “greenest” college in the nation in 2010 by Sierra Magazine. Dr. Letendre’s consulting practice and research focus on assessing the economics of integrating clean technologies into the existing power system including solar photovoltaics and plug-in electric vehicles; he has published over 50 technical articles in leading journals and conference proceedings. He is currently developing business models to leverage investments in smart grid technologies to match electric vehicle charging with renewable energy production.