Sun-Jin Yun

Professor of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University, Korea

Sun-Jin Yun has a Ph.D. in environmental and energy policy from CEEP. She is Professor of Environmental Studies at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University, Korea. Her dissertation was given the Mavin B. Sussuman Prize. Prof. Yun’s research concentrates on the political economy of climate change, climate and energy policies, environmental and climate justice, anti-nuclear and energy transition movements, discourse analysis, and common pool resource management. She is a former president of a grassroots environmental organization for energy transition, called the Center for Energy Alternatives, which introduced the concept of citizens’ power plants in Korea. She participated in an international and cross-national research project, COMPON (Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks). Prof. Yun believes that climate change and the recent Fukushima nuclear accident are messages from nature indicating the unsustainability of growth-oriented economic development along with our need to answer these messages based on sincere reflection and active practice for change.