YoonHee Ha

Research Fellow at FREE and Professor at the Graduate School of Energy and Environment (Green School), Korea University

Dr. Yoonhee Ha is a professor at the Graduate School of Energy and Environment (Green School) of Korea University, specializing in public energy finance and sustainable development. As a senior policy researcher for the Korean National Assembly for many years before joining the Green School, Dr. Ha acquired professional experience in the fields of public finance and government budgeting. She holds a PhD in energy and environmental policy from the University of Delaware, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy. Dr. Ha’s current research interests are centered on analyzing the effectiveness of existing public energy finance schemes and suggesting new forms that can support comprehensive energy system transition. She is also conducting research on diverse developing countries’ energy through collaborations with several countries’ energy specialists Current research includes an examination of the impact of government R&D funding on the development of the photovoltaic industry. Dr. Ha is working with project teams researching renewable energy policies, energy efficiency and technology exploration for developing countries to reduce CO2 emissions. She recently co-authored (with John Byrne) “The Rise and fall of green growth: Korea’s energy sector energy experiment and its lessons for sustainable energy policy”.