Lawrence Agbemabiese

Program Officer
Energy Branch
Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
United Nations Environment Programme

Lawrence Agbemabiese currently serves as Programme Officer at the Energy Branch, Division of Technology Industry and Economics at the United Nations Environment Programme, where he is coordinating the GEF-funded Global Technology Needs Assessment Project. He was manager of UNEPʼs rural energy enterprise development programs in Africa and China from 2004 through 2009. As a doctoral candidate and research associate at the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Delaware in the 1990s, he coordinated research on photovoltaic systems installed on residential, commercial and public buildings in several cities within and outside the United States. Lawrence has authored and co-authored several articles on sustainable energy and development topics, and is a lead analyst on Energy Policy: Rationale and Instruments, of the Global Energy Assessment. He is interested in productive applications of renewable energy and energy efficiency, with a focus on transferability of best practices in developing countries. Lawrence began his multidisciplinary career in 1989 as Community Development Lecturer at the Training Network Center, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Science and Technology in Ghana.

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