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CEEP has been recognized globally as a resource for innovative ideas and solutions to the worldʼs environmental and energy issues. The Center has an impressive list of organizations that it has consulted with including: the United Nations and the World Bank; the governments of India, China, South Korea, as well as several in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa; American agencies such as the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; and private sector clients in the utility, planning and consulting fields. Center members and their research have been recognized with awards for their pioneering work. The Center is unique in its comprehensive view of the issues facing the world today and provides FREE with the essential resources needed to carry out its mission. The Centerʼs faculty, alumni and students bring a rich ability for FREE to enlist the talents of an internationally diverse network of highly regarded thinkers and researchers with expertise in a variety of disciplines including economics, engineering, the natural sciences, geography, policy analysis, urban planning and energy and environmental studies.

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