Organizational Structure

FREE’s organizational structure is unique. Drawing from its international network of experts, FREE has assembled a think tank resource which can be directly deployed to address immediate as well as long-term concerns along with community, national, and global scale challenges. This network of FREE MINDS forms the backbone of the efforts of the Foundation with the student and alumni participants receiving engaging opportunities to design and implement sustainable actions.

By integrating FREE’s mission, a dynamic and international network, and expert knowledge, the Foundation can instantly provide donors and clients with unparalleled access to creative thinkers and doers. No waiting for a team to be assembled, no need to pay high start-up costs, no worrying if innovation will begin, only when. From design needs ̶ Feasibility Studies, Sustainability Models, and Policy Analyses ̶ to creative communications ̶ Conferences, Community Outreach, and Art-Science-Policy Partnerships ̶ to actions that inspire ̶ the establishment of actual Solar Communities, the launch of Partnerships for Ecological Justice, and the development of Green Economies ̶ the Foundation can organize to meet the needs of change.