Education and Advisory Service

glasses-272399_1280FREE’s Education and Advisory Service (EAS) works with communities across the country and beyond to take advantage of the SEU model and its successful application in Delaware. The FREE Team is now working with several organizations in and beyond the U.S. to improve and expand the model to include not only energy, but water and material savings.

Benefits of EAS:

  • No new legislation needed
  • Full menu of educational services to assure complete understanding of the model (webinars, workshops, education days, etc.)
  • Guaranteed money savings means participants have no upfront costs
  • Verifiable energy, water and material savings
  • Creates significant numbers of jobs
  • Results within 6-8 months

Expert Team

FREE has a full team of experts who work directly with a jurisdiction to formulate customized projects that deliver best results. Experienced and knowledgeable on all aspects of sustainability metrics and financing to achieve these metrics, the team guides participants through a project from start to finish.

Team Structure:

  • Team Lead
  • Financial Advisor
  • Bond Advisory Counsel Teams
  • Project Managers
  • Monitoring & Verification Experts
  • Management and Accounting Support