IMG_20150511_194425PennSEF furnishes a common documents platform that includes a request for proposal (RFP), a guaranteed savings agreement (GSA), a program agreement, and a monitoring and verification (M&V) reporting schedule.

Key features are:

  • Pre-qualification of local and national energy service companies (ESCOs) through a rigorously evaluated RFQ process
  • Standardized documentation that facilitates pooled financing—which lowers costs for all participants
  • Guaranteed Savings Agreements (GSAs), which are transparent construction contracts with a strong guarantee and detailed monitoring and verification (M&V) plans
  • Detailed construction, engineering, and savings performance reporting schedules in accordance with PennSEF requirements in the Program’s GSA
  • Separate Program lease agreement templates for governmental and non-profit entities which comply with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania law and save Participants the cost of drafting these contracts
  • Performance guarantees based on energy and water savings alone—operational savings,deferred maintenance are a bonus
  • FREE’s legal, financial and technical experts assist throughout the negotiation process


Program-Qualified Companies

RFP for Govt. Units PDF

PennSEF Standard GSA

Lease for Govt. Units PDF

Lease for NGO PDF