WebinarPennSEF organizes free webinars on Program design & new developments. It sponsors regional meetings featuring experts from government, industry, technology, finance, environmental impact, law and contracts, etc. Periodically, FREE staff also issue policy briefs to provide a better understanding of the objectives of the Program and, more generally, the SEF initiative launched by FREE.

If you missed a webinar or regional meeting and would like to review their content, please browse the archives of events maintained on the FREE website (including online videos) at your convenience. The topics covered by these events include:

  • Key benefits of the PennSEF program
  • Transparency provisions of the Program which lead ESCOs to provide more competitive pricing (compared to other programs)
  • Strategies to simplify sustainable energy project implementation while materially improving performance
  • Rigorous ESCO pre-qualification procedures which enable Participants to review actual project savings performance histories of qualified companies
  • PennSEF’s novel monitoring and verification (M&V) approach which stimulates bid and performance competitiveness not found in other programs
  • Pooled bond finance structures which eliminate cross-subsidization across measures and Participants
  • Use of serialization to take best advantage of the bond yield curve and lower financing costs
  • Adoption of securitization methods which can enhance the likely credit rating of thetransaction and, in so doing, lower debt service costs
  • Customization of each project in order to best serve the varying goals of Participants while optimizing project and pool financial and environmental benefits.

ESCOs Webinar

December 4, 2014
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PennSEF Participant Webinar

November 19, 2014

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